Clavel and Lulu

My next 2 designs published for Quince & Co Artisan collection are Clavel – a cotton tunic based loosely on an artist’s smock, and Lulu – a sideways-knitted lacey top.

The design brief from Quince had the theme of Metamorphosis – ‘change, unexpected transformation’ and ‘unexpected colour combinations’.

As I had already been working on the idea of ‘hidden’ facings using contrast colours, my design Clavel (and another design ‘Madeline’ – see next post) were perfect for this.

Meanwhile, I like the simplicity of knitting a dolman shape from cuff to cuff, so for Lulu I did this using a stitch that I have used many times before, which is no more than a really effective use of yon and k2tog, and therefore simple to knit. The idea of joining the 2 pieces at the cuffs and with ties at the shoulder was a last-minute decision with which I am very pleased!

Clavel is knitted using Quince & Co Willet organic DK cotton.

Lulu is knitted using Kestrel, an organic linen tape yarn in heavy worsted/aran weight.

Both patterns can be purchased here.

Photography Regan Kenny (on model)

other photos by me