I love textured knits, especially when the they’re created by using a variety of simple textures together. I did this successfully with my design Marble Hill  first published in The Knitter magazine in 2018. The cardigan had a textured yoke, which was very effective with a simple stocking stitch body.

I used the idea again with Little Leaf Jumper, published in Knit Now magazine earlier this year.

My most recent version is Lowri, published in this month’s The Knitter magazine. a slightly flared jumper with a high ribbed collar. However, I discovered that some of those simple textured stitches are more difficult to achieve when knitting in the round! After several swatching attempts I managed to come up with a satisfactory solution – and I’m very pleased with the finished result!

The jumper is knitted using Cascade 220 Superwash Aran, a wool yarn which actually has a really nice drape – great for the flare on this jumper – and comes in lots of lovely colours.