Sample sale

When I am commissioned by magazines to create a new design, I like to knit the sample myself. This is because I have more control over the finished garment than if I handed it to a knitter with a pattern.

This may not seem a very cost-effective way of working, but I then know the sample and pattern will be just right, and, as the magazines return the sample after photography, it means that I can either wear it, or – as I’m about to do – sell it!

I have accumulated lots of samples over the past few years, and they have been stored in my workroom, which seems a shame when they could be worn and -hopefully – cherished by someone!

I have tried selling samples online, but I don’t find this satisfactory as it’s so difficult for the customer to judge whether a garment is ‘right’ without trying it on first.

So, finally I have made the leap and have some of my samples on sale in a lovely South London shop, and I will also be selling samples at a sale in Brixton in a couple of weeks.

Apologies to anyone who would like to buy and is not in London, but remember that the knitting patterns for all of these are available to buy and download!

The samples below are some of the ones that will be for sale at both Stag & Bow, 8 Dartmouth Road, London SE23 3XU, and the Badger’s Velvet Underground sale.

Our beautiful shop is the home to a traditional haberdashery carrying a curated selection of the very best quality materials for making. We also carry a wide selection of items spanning across different departments from homeware to body care, clothing to stationary, kids to household, that all have the one thing in common that we feel resonates with our ethos: we sell items that are made with soul.’

The Badger’s Velvet Underground sale features a carefully curated selection of gorgeous hand-made items, from clothing and homewares , to artworks and skin care.

The event will take place at:

Brixton 20th & 21st November 2021

The Department Store, Ferndale Road, London SW9