Tierney in blue

As Tierney has proved such a popular design amongst knitters, I’ve been thinking of ways in which I could amend the pattern to give extra possibilities.

This involved re-knitting the garment. As I didn’t have enough of any DK yarns to do this in one colour, I resorted to using 3 strands of a laceweight wool knitted together. This is actually machine-knitting yarn – I have a large cone of pale blue left over from when I used to make machine-knitted garments for my shop in Islington , London (I will write a post about this soon).

I also had the idea of adding colour by knitting in a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze – I’ve got many odd balls of this – in a contrast colour. I intended to add it at the cuffs and around the neck, but – as is often the case – I changed my mind about the neck! However, I do like the flash of salmon pink at the cuff.

I also wanted to see what the garment would look like without the buttons. So instead of being fastened as a snug fit, it could be worn looser – I didn’t mind the uneven effect this gave the hem at the front, in fact I like it.

This turned out to be very simple, as it just meant extending the cast-off row with chains that could be used as ties.

I really like the result, and hope that it gives another option for knitters who buy the pattern. More images and details can be seen on both Ravelry and LoveCrafts where the pattern can be purchased. For further info, look on my projects pages here and here.