Rowan Yarns

After closing my Oxo Tower shop (see North Wing) I started working as a Design Consultant for Rowan Yarns in John Lewis, Oxford St., London.

This involved promoting and selling Rowan Yarns and magazines in the knitting department, and also giving knitting instruction and short classes on the shopfloor.

This was quite a shock to the system after running my own shop for 5 years, but I had used Rowan Yarns for some of my designs in the past, and I loved their yarns. I soon started designing for the Rowan magazine – in fact one of my first designs Butterfly Dress featured on the cover! It was a lace dress knitted in a fine mohair – Kidsilk Haze – and covered in tiny beads. On the strength of this design I was asked to collaborate on a book – Beads, Buttons and Lace -featuring new designs by me and designs from previous Rowan magazines.

I was then approached to design for another Rowan book, Knitting Goes Large by Sharon Brant.

I continued to design for Rowan on a freelance basis for several years, until in 2014 Kate Buller, the then brand manager, asked me to design for a new collaboration with Swarovski, using their crystal beads.

I designed 3 collections for this project.

Meanwhile, I was regularly designing for other knit magazines 

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