beading new

Update 2021: there are currently no workshops planned.

I’ve recently decided to start experimenting with bead knitting again, especially after seeing the lovely beaded cardigans by Prada in the 2017 collections. This time though, I’m concentrating on making smaller items – accessories and household items – so the bead use is more intense, but the items quicker to knit.

There is no doubt that knitting with beads is fiddlier than plain knitting, but I believe the extra effort is worth the result.

For my first samples I had the idea of using recycled costume jewellery bought in charity shops and markets. I’ve always been very attracted to a mix of size and colours of beads, especially in jewellery, but buying lots of beads is expensive and I already have thousands of small glass seed beads! So I decided to let fate decide the beads used by what was available in a quick trawl of local charity shops.

I was really pleased with the results which can be seen here.

All photos: Jennie Atkinson