A Handknit Romance

A Handknit Romance

I wanted to design garments and accessories inspired by the beautiful items I saw at vintage fashion fairs. My favourite period for fashion is from the early 20th century and I wanted to recreate those in knit.

I knitted all the samples myself, using fine yarns as well as beading and lace stitches. The items were then photographed in a beautiful Cotswold cottage on a hot summers day in 2011 by my friend Nick Sargeant.

The designs and images seem to have captured people’s imaginations judging by the wonderful response I have had when selling the book at various knitting and craft fairs.

The book is available to buy at £15.99. Click on the link below to be taken to my Etsy shop.

Individual patterns for some items from the book are now available from Single Patterns page


all photos: Nick Sargeant